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Alcorn County Supervisors

The Board of Supervisors is the chief policy making and administrative body of the county. The Board is responsible for adopting an annual budget, setting goals and objectives to direct the county's growth and development, and carrying out other responsibilities as set forth by Mississippi state statutes. Each of the five districts elects a supervisor who serves a four-year term.

While each supervisor may handle some administrative duties in his or her district, together the members set policy. While each supervisor represents his or her district, all of the members are expected to look after the good of the county as a whole.

In addition to road construction and maintenance, the board can also set traffic regulations for the county roads. Budgeting and authority to tax accompany the board’s responsibility to oversee the business of the county. Fiscal management must comply with established purchasing and administrative laws and regulations to keep the county operating smoothly.

To Appear Before The Board

Your Elected Officials
Lowell Hinton District 1

Mr. Hinton represents the Northeast corner of Alcorn County

James Voyles District 2

Mr. Voyles represents the Sourtheast corner of Alcorn County

Tim Mitchell District 3

Mr. Mitchell represents the Southwest corner of Alcorn County

And services as the Board Vice President

Steve Glidewell District 4

Mr. Glidewell represents the Midsection of Alcorn County

Jimmy Tate Waldon District 5

Mr. Waldon represents the Northwest corner of Alcorn County

And services as the Board President

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